Matrimonial Dispute Info

Dear Community members and future clients:

As some may recall back in April 2020 during the height of Covid, I went through a tumultuous break up with my ex fiancé. There were some text messages exchanged between both myself and my ex fiancé as well as well as a dispute over some finances.

The police chief Anthony Geraci insisted that the investigating detectives arrest me on harassment and stalking charges. These detectives did not want to arrest me because they thought it was a civil matter. At the direction of former Chief Geraci, I faced harassment charges and the media was deliberately notified. After a brief investigation internally, Chief Anthony Geraci was terminated. It was found that my arrest was malicious in nature and an attempt to tarnish my reputation in the community due to the fact that I terminated his wife from my real estate agency.
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The current Watervliet police chief Joe Centanni would be happy to talk to any community member who has questions regarding the negative publicity I faced. I thank the community for their support and understanding during a personal matter that involved a malicious police officer who was terminated for his actions.

All charges were dismissed.