Real estate broker Anthony Gucciardo says he usually keeps his opinion about political matters to himself, but the passage of the criminal justice reforms that ended the practice of cash bail changed his mind. Gucciardo, who frequently advertises with billboards, converted 10 of the spaces he rents from Lamar Advertising to read: "Let's keep NY safe. Repeal Bail Reform" in addition to a picture of himself, his business name and contact information.

"As someone who is part of the community and who has thousands of clients, I feel that safety is our No. 1 priority. ... I may lose some future clients but honestly this is something I feel strongly about," Gucciardo said.

The billboards are located in Albany near the Capitol and along Central Avenue. Gucciardo said the campaign will cost him about $10,000 and the signs will be up for 60 days, starting this coming week.

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