We Buy Homes

Over the course of 15 years, Anthony Gucciardo has purchased homes in certain circumstances. There’s a lot of companies that advertise that they will purchase your home, but what you don’t see is the fine print of that offer. I don’t know of any major real estate companies that purchase homes for fair market value or the initial list price. If we’re listing a property that is not selling and the seller expresses interest in moving the property as quickly as possible, we sometimes will make an offer that the sellers will accept.

Sellers have a much greater chance at getting a higher price from a traditional buyer than from a real estate brokerage firm or investor. If we do purchase your home, we fully disclose our position and advise sellers to consult with multiple real estate professionals and or appraisers regarding valuations. Each situation is different and often times peace of mind and closure trumps the highest sale price. Since 2011 Gucciardo real estate has purchased 15 homes allowing sellers to move onto their next chapter.